Our Third Ward Wonder

Three days ago, after a year of house hunting and two false starts, my partner and I closed on a bungalow in Houston’s Third Ward. This week we start moving in.

I am an almost-lifelong Houstonian (born in deep East Texas) and he’s a transplant from North Texas. We love the neighborhood-centric way of life in Houston’s Inner Loop area. When we decided to buy a house, we made a list of neighborhoods we could see ourselves happy in, and Third Ward was one of them. And after two contracts on houses in Houston’s old East End fell through (the East End was our first choice of areas, as it has larger lots and some of our friends have already purchased homes there) we found a Texas Craftsman-style bungalow in Third Ward. When we initially offered on the house, we were told it sold… but it was relisted a week later and we jumped on it.  The third time was the charm, and we are ready for the next adventure: home ownership!


About Ms. Pris

I'm an artist, sometimes-writer, and feminist living in Houston, Texas. I like gardening, pets, art, and quality time with my chosen and preferred.
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2 Responses to Our Third Ward Wonder

  1. Megan Neal says:

    How exciting for you! I can’t wait to become a home owner myself!

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