Moved In

Last night we got the last of our things out of the old apartment. We’ve been renters in Houston Heights for five years now, and it was kind of sad to leave that place. We were very happy there for the first years- the place was small but cute, we had a great big yard, great neighbors, a quiet street. The last couple of years in that place were pretty bad (largely due to a landlord who just wouldn’t fix ANYTHING, but who regularly raised the rent) but there were some good times too, and I’ll miss them.

The new place is piled high with boxes and looking quite a mess. In the coming week I plan to start unpacking and get organized… so much to do! I’m glad we’re done moving house, though, and ready to move on to the settling in.


About Ms. Pris

I'm an artist, sometimes-writer, and feminist living in Houston, Texas. I like gardening, pets, art, and quality time with my chosen and preferred.
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2 Responses to Moved In

  1. Svetlana says:

    Congratulations on the house,
    I discovered this blog by chance and thought I just have to write something since my husband and I are about to close on the 1940-s house in the 3rd ward, on Dowling@Wentworth. I love the house, despite a mount Everest work ahead.
    I think we about to close on the house in less than 2 weeks. Scary!! And exciting!
    You are more than welcome to drop me a line, I would be happy to hear about your experiences in the community.

    • Ms. Pris says:

      Hey Svetlana thank you so much for commenting… this blog kind of ended up on my back burner. I found I just wasn’t that interested in writing about the house as I thought I would have been. Just keeping up with it is quite a lot of work.

      Anyway, I am enjoying the community a lot. People are friendly and things are actually very quiet, except when St. Mary’s has its annual bazaar/church fair, then things get a little loud. And I love living so close to everything and having so much space.

      I really do want to start writing here again, though not very often. I hope to hear from you though. Congratulations on your house, I hope your close went well and you are living peacefully!

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