Windows, Breezes, and Flowers

The cool weather in Houston has been wonderful. It’s so nice to enjoy sunshine without baking, and the breezes mean we’ve been opening the windows instead of running the AC. Heaven!

One of the many things I love about older homes is the way they were designed to keep cool. Cross-ventilation should not be underestimated! Our former apartment was cobbled-together rather than designed, so opening the windows there wasn’t very effective. Here we have screen doors and cross-ventilated rooms, and opening the windows is literally a breeze: the house cools down very quickly as air flows through the rooms. We haven’t run the AC in days.

The changing weather also has the garden blooming and I am enjoying discovering existing plants. There are several established rose bushes, all large and some fragrant. All but one are blooming profusely right now. There is also a very large Chain of Love vine growing at one end of the porch, and a vine I can’t identify producing delicate, trumpet-shaped pink flowers in the front flowerbed.  I am looking forward to expanding the flower beds here and putting some of my own plants in the ground.  I’m not sure when I will be able to start my vegetable garden; I love fall and winter vegetables (here in Houston that typically means leafy greens) but building the beds and buying the soil mix might have to wait until spring.

Inside the house we’re working on unpacking and getting settled. That’s taking a back seat to school and work, but we’ll get there eventually!


About Ms. Pris

I'm an artist, sometimes-writer, and feminist living in Houston, Texas. I like gardening, pets, art, and quality time with my chosen and preferred.
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