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I'm an artist, sometimes-writer, and feminist living in Houston, Texas. I like gardening, pets, art, and quality time with my chosen and preferred.

Windows, Breezes, and Flowers

The cool weather in Houston has been wonderful. It’s so nice to enjoy sunshine without baking, and the breezes mean we’ve been opening the windows instead of running the AC. Heaven! One of the many things I love about older … Continue reading

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Moved In

Last night we got the last of our things out of the old apartment. We’ve been renters in Houston Heights for five years now, and it was kind of sad to leave that place. We were very happy there for … Continue reading

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We’re In!

We’re spending our first night in the new house!

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Lead Paint?

In some parts of the house, mostly on doors and window frames, there is severe flaking of the paint. It occurred to me that this is a lead risk: our house was built in 1945 and the chance that at … Continue reading

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Today was our first day ever purchasing major appliances.  We bought a refrigerator and a range at Sears Outlet. A good friend recommended Sears Outlet to us and we did indeed get a good deal on our appliances, especially since … Continue reading

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Tired, and so much more to do…

Tonight we spent some time cleaning at our Third Ward Wonder.  The house is not as dirty as it could be, although the cabinet beneath the kitchen sink smells mildewy and is so dirty it kind of makes me want … Continue reading

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Handy Links For People Moving

Choosing a power company: The Texas Public Utilities Commission’s power education page. Forwarding your mail: the official United States Post Office change of address website.

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