This is an ever-updated list of projects that need doing in our Third Ward home. As each one is done, I’ll mark it off!

  • Cleaning
  • curtain for closet
  • stripping/painting doors
  • replace closet doors in master
  • install ceiling fan in bedroom
  • install ceiling fan in studio
  • install ceiling fan in living room
  • change dining light fixture
  • ceiling fan in dining room?
  • strip/refinish built-ins and mantel
  • strip/refinish window frames
  • sand down door in back bathroom
  • replace flooring back bedrooms
  • add doorbell
  • add mailbox
  • sand back steps
  • remodel kitchen (heh this will be awhile)
  • new front door
  • new sink/vanity (pedestal?) front bathroom
  • window coverings!
  • replace baseboards
  • replace flooring master closet
  • fix flooring damage master bedroom
  • fix flooring damage studio
  • replace hollow-core doors
  • enlarge opening between living room and dining room
  • add second AC unit
  • replace AC intake grill
  • have AC checked
  • install attic fan
  • reflective window film on south-facing windows
  • replace/update bedroom built-ins

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